Wednesday, April 16

Birthday Nails!

Hello! My birthday was yesterday and I wanted to share my nails! This is Gelish Mini in You Glare, I Glow. I absolutely love this polish!!! It's so bright and vibrant! This is a gel polish and I intend to wear it for as long as I can! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 26

Soo, I think I'm sort of back!

Hi everyone! So sorry for the long hiatus! We moved out to the country and internet access has been a pain in the rear!! I am hoping to be able to post maybe once a week, or at least every 2 weeks to start. I have been using gel polishes lately and I absolutely love them! So that's what I am going to start out showing you today.  China Glaze, my favorite brand, has now come out with their own gel polish line called Gelaze. I have already started my collection! For this manicure I used Refresh-Mint. Now, for me, my experience with gel polish so far is that most are similar to regular polish as far as pigmentation is concerned. I used 2 coats on most and and little extra where it was a little patchy. I am sure this is user error rather than the polish. As an accent, I used some nail vinyls from Make It Stick Designs and I absolutely love them!!! They don't stick off the nail much and the gel top coat seals over it just fine! I can't stop staring at my nails right now! So lets get to the pictures. Hope you enjoy and it's good to be back!

Tuesday, August 20

Twinsie Tuesday: Chevron

Hi there! It's that time again! This week's theme is chevron and let me just say, I am not happy with how mine came out. I tried to use my pinking shears and painters tape, but the end results just weren't good. The pinking shears weren't the right shape. So here we go. Also, I'd like to say I will be taking another break from blogging while I move. I plan on being back as soon as I can! 

For this I used Sinful Shine in Most Sinful and a basic white. 

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