Friday, August 19

New Charms

Hello Everyone! Today I have for you some charms I made.  I found these little stones at Hobby Lobby, and I also found the bails and some glue to put them together with.  I also found some little adjustable rings with a flat base. The stones were labeled as "Milifiori" beads.  I've seen these before and thought they would be fun to work with.  Enjoy!

 ( I painted the back side of this stone with Kleancolor Metallic White so that the bail wouldn't show through)

Sorry for the quality of pics....Camera didn't want to cooperate with me!


  1. Oh Mere-I LOVE LOVE millefiori glass! I saw how they make it on TV and have been dying to get some! These are so beautful!!! How jealous am I?!?!

  2. Glad you like, I am considering selling some of it. Will let you know if I do!

  3. If I sell them I will post it on my blog!

  4. So cute!

    I have that exact pattern in beads rather than stones.


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