Sunday, October 2

My Subtle Hello to Halloween......and a little haul!

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all having a great weekend! This post is a little long today, but lots of good pictures! So this is my start to my Halloween manicures!!! I used some polish from my little haul which I will tell you about further in the post! This is Pure Ice "Kiss Me Here", with Hard Candy "Matte-ly In Love" topcoat.  On my ring finger I added a little purple spider sticker from my Kiss Halloween nail stickers.  I like how this turned out, but I wish the sticker would stick down a little more.  Onto the pictures!

Now onto the little haul.  So my fiance and I went to Walmart at about 2:45 AM.  We are on a totally different schedule b/c of his work schedule.  Anyways, while he parused man stuff I checked out the polish section.  This particular Walmart didn't really have much in the way of Halloween polish.  I did see the Pure Ice "Kiss Me Here", and also "Cheating".  Then I turned around and saw the Hard Candy section.  I found a "Matte-ly In Love" topcoat and this really awesome polish called "Beetle".

(Not sure where Pure Ice gets their names!)