Friday, January 13

A few pieces of Jewelry!

Hello everyone! I know I haven't posted much jewelry lately, so here you go!  Michaels had some things on clearance so I grabbed them.  I made a bracelet and 2 pairs of earrings. I am adding some pictures of the bracelet I showed you when I swatched Glam Rock I have a little announcement as well.  I ordered some supplies and I am currently working on getting my Etsy Shop going!!! YAY! As soon as it's up and running I will let you guys know! Enjoy!

 LOL, I call these the Beetle Juice Earrings!

 On this one I just added the clasp.  I really like this kind of clasp, so easy to close! The stones are black, it was a little hard to photograph this one. You can see my reflection!

 These were actually links to a bracelet, but I broke one of the little link rings, so I broke another and made earrings! 

And this was the bracelet from the other post.