Wednesday, May 4


Sorry for all the pics on this post! I guess you can tell what I make the most of...I like to make bracelets that are simple.  Some of them I make them so that you can add charms or change them out. I got all of the supplies for these at Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  I don't use wire thread, I use the stuff that looks like fishing line.  I have a set of tools my fiance got for me at Sears.  I also have a tool I purchased from Michael's that helps to crimp the tube around the clear thread.  Next time I make something I will take pictures as I go so you can see how I do it.  Thanks for reading...that's all for today!


  1. Cute bracelets! I was reading wondering where you got these, I can't believe you made them they so gorgeous. I LOVE the bracelet in the 7 & 8 pics!!


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