Tuesday, June 7

I LOVE this Color!

This is Sinful Colors "Daddy's Girl".  I LOVE it! It's such a pretty purple.  My pretty blue and teal chipped last night after my water fitness class, and when I sat down to redo my nails, I couldn't make up my mind.  I finally decided on this and I am glad I did.  It's a bright purple out in the sunlight, and darker indoors.  It has a little sparkle to it as well.

I am trying to plan a head a little for my next manicure.  Anyone have any ideas, or something they would like to see????

1 comment:

  1. Why??!?!

    I had just convinced myself that because I own Sally Hansen's "Purple Pizzazz" that I wouldn't need this polish. Do you own it? I wonder if they are dupes. They look quite similar to me.

    IDEA: Glitter sandwich!


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