Friday, June 3

A little bit of Vampiness! (that might be a new word haha)

I have been watching season 3 of True Blood, so that I can be caught up when season 4 starts.  I was a little inspired so to speak, and I had been wanting to try a gradient look, so I went a little Vampy!  For this look I used Sinful Colors Black on Black as the bottom layer, and then sponged on Sinful Colors Rich in Heart, and then lastly I sponged on Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar.  I think for my first gradient attempt it came out pretty good.  I really like the dark to light look and the little bit of sparkle in the red.  I topped everything off with a little Seche Vite.  Hope you enjoy!

(please excuse the pics, the camera battery was about to die so I hurried)

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  1. What a fabulous manicure. I love anything vampy and you totally nailed it with this look. :)


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