Friday, June 17

Manicure and Pedicure

I bought some new polish with tons of glitter in it.  It's Sinful Colors "Hottie", and I love it!  On my toes I used Sally Hansen "Blue me Away" and then layered the glitter over the top.  I think it looks pretty good, nice and bright on my toes.  "Hottie" has multi color glitter, but mostly blues and greens, and it's in a light blue jellyish base.

Now on to the mani.  For the base I used Sinful Colors "Black on Black".  I know, I know, it's summer and and bright colors are fun, but I am drawn to the dark ones and I thought the glitter looked awesome over the black.  It really makes all the different colors of the glitter stand out.  I LOVE IT!
(pictures aren't that great, sorry)

(please excuse the cuticles again, and I missed a few spots around the edges)

I know it may drive some people nuts to not have their toes and fingernails match, but mine seldom do.  I like to keep my toes the same color for a long time.  My manicures change a few times a week.  That would be a lot of polish used! Hope you are all having a great Friday and have an even better weekend!

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