Monday, August 1

2 mani's and an Ebay Haul!

Ok, so I have long post again today so it will mostly be pictures again.  Over the first part of the weekend I had a purple mani that was awesome (just a warning, the pics don't do it justice)! For the second part of the weekend and today, I did another mani.  Also, today I finally received my Ebay order (after 2 e-mails to the seller). I did receive some extra goodies for the delay though! So here we go, onto the pictures!
Manicure 1:
(This is 2 coats of Sinful Colors "Let's Talk)
(Next I added a coat of Sinful Color's "Daddy's Girl")

(Last but not least I added Sally Hansen "LCD")

It made it this blueish color in the sunlight.  I was an awesome mani, and these pics do not do it justice.  The LCD really added a nice holographic effect.

Manicure #2:

(This is Orchid "Eye of the Storm")

(For a little extra I added a stamp.  This is Bundle Monster plate #211 and the color  used is Orchid "Ain't No Sunshine)

Ebay Haul:
 (From left to right: Santee "Espresso", "Sweet Orange", "Gold Glitter", and "Black Hole")
(NYX Gliter Cream Pallet in Sweet Chocolate Browns)
 (Kleancolor Metallic Pink, Black, and Fuchsia)
 (Kleancolor Metallic Yellow, Red, Orange, and Blue)
 (Kleancolor Metallic Green, White, Purple, and Mango)
(I wanted to show the sparkle in the white)
I know I haven't shown makeup on here before, but I wanted to share with you what I got.  I got all of the 11 Kleancolor metallics for about 16 bucks, and the NYX and Santee came together for about 11.  

Now on to the freebies!
 (Double Mirror Compact)
 (Santee Orange Glitter Eyeliner.  Not sure I will ever wear it, but it was free!)
 (NYX Glitter Cream Pallet in Bronze Goddess)
 Santee Summer Beach Glitter me.  It can be used as gloss on the lips, on the eyes or cheeks)

Hope you are all having a great Monday!!!!


  1. ok... NOW, I'm officialy jealous of people with credit cards and can buy stuff on ebay!! XD

  2. I should have specified! My wonderful fiance bought them off of ebay for me!

  3. officially jelous of people with considerate fiancés!!

  4. Wow that IS a haul! You sure got a lot of stuff! I like both manis-they are awesome!

  5. I heard lots of good things about the kleancolor nail polishes. They have some gorgeous glitters.

  6. I know, I am working on getting my hands on some of the chunky holo glitters they have!


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