Wednesday, August 10

Another Earring Tutorial

As promised, here is a tutorial for earrings.  This time I will be using a jump ring to connect the charm to the ear wire. The reason for this is because the ear wire loop and charm loop are both going the same direction.  If you connect them then the charm would face side ways and people wouldn't be able to see it.
Here is what you will need: Needle nose pliers (maybe 2), 2 Jump Rings, Ear Wires, and your charm or what ever you wish to attach to the earrings. These supplies can be purchased at craft stores such as Michaels, Hobby Lobby and sometimes Jo Ann's.  I bought the pliers in a set at sears.  Usually you can find the same kinds there and for a little cheaper than at the hobby stores.  Also, there are many different varieties of ear wires.  There are so many possibilities!
IMPORTANT NOTE: They make different sizes of jump rings. So make sure you try to find some relative to the size of the charms. 

Now on to the steps. (They are very similar to the other tutorial.)

1. First use the pliers to hold the jump ring and twist it apart just enough to fit the charm onto it.

2. Now slide the charm onto the jump ring.

3. Next, leave the jump ring open and slide on the ear wire (it should have a little loop at the bottom). 
Make sure that when you do this, the charm is facing the right way.

4. Now close the jump ring using the needle nose pliers.

And Voila! You're done!

So what did you guys think of this tutorial?  Would you like to see more?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Again you make it look so easy! I really need to try this! Yes please do more tutorials! I still see the lace on your nails! Very nice


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