Thursday, August 11

Wire Necklace Tutorial

Hello, I have another tutorial for you today.  This one is a little more complicated and involves some more tools.
Here is what I used: Nippers, Needle nose pliers, crimps (2), Jump rings (2), Clasp, Wire Chord, and Pendant or Charm of your choice.
 (I forgot to take a pic of the nippers, so you will see this pic again!)

Now, this is a little more complicated, but it's not too bad!
1. Measure out your wire chord to the desired length.  I used 3 strands for this necklace.  I didn't use a ruler or anything, just eyeballed it.
2. Next, line up the ends of the wire so that they are all fairly even.  Place the chord on the crimp and make sure the loop end of the crimp is away from the wires. This can be a little tricky, but with some practice you will get it.
3. Using the needle nose pliers, close one side of the crimp onto the wire chord. I use my thumb to steady the crimp by holding it by the loop.

 4. Once you have the first side down, repeat with the other.
TIP: Once you get both sides down, gently pull the chord to make sure it's secure
5. Next, you want to secure the other end of the chord.  You will repeat steps 2-4.  Like I said before, it takes a little practice.
6. Once you have both ends secure you can nip the excess off if you have any.
TIP: Use the needle nose pliers to gently bend the loop back so that it's easier to nip the wire. Once it's cut, bend the loop back.
 (this is how it should look after you nip the wire chord, don't worry if it's not perfect, no one see's that part!)
7. Use the needle nose pliers to gently twist the jump ring so that you can slide it onto the loop of the crimp.
(I know this isn't the loop on the crimp, but I think you get the idea)
8. Next you can slide on your pendant/charm.  (if the loop on the charm is big enough, you can do this last, but for this necklace, I had to add it before I added the clasp.)
9. Now you can attach the clasp using another jump ring.  (open it the same way as before)

10. Now close the jump ring with the pliers and you are done! You can use the jump ring on the other end to secure your necklace when you wear it!
Pardon the 2 different manis, I took pictures at different times! Was it descriptive enough?  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


  1. Holy crap those are some small pieces! My tired old eyes can't even see that small! HAHAHAHA! That is really a cool tutorial and yes I was wondering about the different manis!

  2. One is the Sally Hansen salon effects and the other is China Glaze Up all night. Yes they are small pieces! It can be tedious working with them sometimes!


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