Saturday, August 13

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Update

Just a quick post.  I wanted to show the wear and tear of the Sally Hansen Salon effects I have been wearing. I applied them on Monday 8/8/11 and these pictures were taken on 8/13/11.  5 days worth and they still look somewhat decent.  For some reason when I wear these, I get more wear and tear near the cuticle than I do my tips. I am surprised I have left them this long looking the way they do.  I do have some new polishes I am itching to try so I don't know if I can go the rest of the weekend! Hope you all are having a great weekend!

(my right hand is a little worse than the left)


  1. I thought that was from nail growth! Man they last quite a while! Awesome!

  2. After five days they look really good, better than most of the nail stickers I've heard of.

  3. I love everything about your blog! Especially how you combined your jewelry making with your love of polish. I just started putting my "nail diary" together at . Maybe I should toss some of my jewlry making in there too. I would love it if you would add me to your blog roll.

    <3 Shannon

  4. I havent tried these yet, but I always see good reviews for them :)


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