Monday, September 5

New Pendant!

Hello! Hope you had a great weekend! Some of you may even have the day off! I made some more pendants and I wanted to share this one with you.  I am especially proud of how it came out.  Not sure why, just am.  I am even going to model it for you! LOL! For this pendant I used Wet N Wild "Cougar Attack" as the first layer, and then Santee "Espresso" over it.  I love how it shines! Enjoy!

(My fiance took this picture for me.  I didn't realize the pendant was crooked until now! Pardon the flat hair, this was at the end of the day!)


  1. Awesome necklace and your hair looks great!

  2. @ Nicole- Top to Toe and imfeelingnail-venturous....Thanks!

  3. Very nice! And if I could get my hair looking that good at the start of a day much less the end, I'd stop pulling it back or putting it up every day. :)


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