Thursday, September 8

Ready to Pounce!

Hello everyone! Today I have more from the Wet N Wild "On the Prowl" collection.  This is "Ready to Pounce".  It's a deep purple (looks black from a distance) with shimmer in it.  It's a very pretty fall color.  My camera didn't really want to capture it, it looks much better in person. Enjoy!

 (You can really see the shimmer and purple here.  I took the pictures above with my phone, with the flash on.)

 (My camera just didn't want to work for me.  I always have a hard time with purples.)


  1. My camera never works well for me. It's either to blurry or the colors aren't true. I just say whatever to it! Gorgeous color!

  2. I love all the polishes in this collection :)

  3. Very pretty. I want Tangled in my Web REALLY REALLY bad from this collection!

  4. Can I just say really quickly that I am very jealous that you got your hands on this collection? ;) I'm searching everywhere ... AAAK!

  5. @imfeelingnail-ventuous... I have that one and I am curious to see how it comes out. Not sure what I want to layer it over yet!

    @ A Polished Touch....I am very very surprised I saw it. The display was on a bottom shelf and had been picked over, so I grabbed what I could. I haven't seen it since anywhere!


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