Tuesday, October 18

Fun Jewelry! (pic heavy)

Hi Everyone! A few posts ago I said to keep and eye out for some jewelry and here it is! I found these cute little stones and decided to make some rings, earrings and necklaces out of them! Enjoy!

These were made with the clear stones.  3 rings, 2 pairs of earrings, and one charm for a necklace.

These were made with the multi-color stones.  All rings!

These were some stones labeled as "Wild".  I made a pendant, ring and set of earrings.

Over the weekend my fiance and I took a day trip and of course I had to stop at a Michaels to see what they had! These are the results!

And just for fun for the weekend I did a sparkly manicure.  You have seen both of these before, but I thought I'd show you guys again!  I used Pure Ice Kiss Me Here as the base and then layered China Glaze CG In The City over it.  The last time I used these was the pure ice on it's own with a matte top coat and the other was Essie Luxedo and CG in the city on top.  I like this combination a lot better!

Pardon the tip wear, I've had this on for a few days!