Thursday, October 6

More Layers....Kind of a Blah Nail Day I have a bit of a story for you guys.  I went to Sally and grabbed a few things and what I ended up with was China Glaze Crimson from the Halloween stuff and China Glaze CG in the City.  Well when I got home I just happened to do a little test on my receipt.  While looking at Crimson, I thought to myself, "This looks a lot like Luxedo from Essie".  So I grabbed Luxedo from my stash and slapped it onto the receipt right next to Crimson.  Wouldn't you know it, I couldn't tell the difference between the 2.  So I trucked back on over to Sally and exchanged it for Near Dark.  I'm not impressed with it either.  It's a dark green, but it might as well be black.  I am debating on taking it back as well.  I love China Glaze, but come on, does it really have to be so dark that it's pretty much black.  I have included pics of the Halloween mani I did, but I took it off.  I was in one of those moods where I was just disgusted with my nails.  So I settled on Essie Luxedo and CG in the City layered on top.  It's a very pretty and sparkly.

Ok so here is the comparison of Luxedo and Crimson. Can you tell the difference??

I will tell you! Luxedo is on the bottom and Crimson is on the top.

Now onto what I call the nail fail.

I might have liked this better if I were able to see more green.  I can see a little in the pictures, but those were with the flash.  In person it's black.  Also, the stickers didn't want to stay down and that frustrated me as well.  I may try this again later when I have more patience for it!

And last but not least, the mani I am wearing now.  I like it, but it's nothing that exciting to me.

Pardon the non clean up, I thought about adding a matte topcoat, but decided not to.  Thanks for listening to my rant! Have a great day!