Friday, December 30

I love these things!

Hi Everyone! I have something really fun to show you today!!! I went to CVS a few weeks ago and decided to try some of the Kiss Nail Dress stickers or decals or whatever they may be! (it doesn't exactly say on the label) This pattern didn't have a name either (just the number 56709 KDS11).  I am going to call this a black giraffe and or leopard print.  They went on the same way as the Sally Hansen Salon Effects, but they don't feel like them when handling them.  These seem to be a little thicker.  There are 28 strips in the package.  Sizing was a little tricky for me, but I made it work. The box says they are supposed to last up to 10 days so we shall see! I would definitely recommend these just for the patterns alone! There was a decent selection, but I liked these the best. I added a little extra sparkle with a thin layer of Northern Lights. Enjoy! (PS-I know my cuticles are still in HORRIBLE shape, I am hoping being able to leave these on for a little while can help them heal!)