Wednesday, January 18

Color Trends for 2012

Hello! I was asked by the lovely Holly from Hooked to participate in a little guest post about an article she saw regarding the trends for 2012. You can see that article here.  She asked some other bloggers to participate and we each chose one of the trends.  I chose the Modern Neon.  Not sure why, I think I was feeling a little adventurous.  Plus, it showed a picture of one of the new China Glaze's Electro Pop collection called Gothic Lolita.  That purple just called to me.  While I was at the grocery store, I saw the display for the new Wet n Wild Mega Last polishes (new bottle anyway) and saw On A Trip.  It looks pretty darn close to the China Glaze to me! It was only a $1.97 so I grabbed it! These bottles are bigger than the old round ones and feature a different brush.  It's almost too big, I had to be careful dipping it in and out of the bottle.  I do like the brush though, wide brushes work well for me. I really really love this purple.  I think it qualifies as a "Modern Neon".  It's bright, but it's not blinding.  My camera wants it to be more blue, but trust me, it's purple! I think this is one of my new favorites!!! To see the entire Trends for 2012 post together click here.

Here are the other bloggers joining in!
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OK OK, onto the pictures! There are a lot!

  I went outside for some pictures and my kitty cat Douglas wanted to help!