Tuesday, February 21

Awards and 11 Questions!

Hello! I am so behind with tags, sorry about that! I was tagged by the lovely ColorSplashNails with the 11 questions tag! I have gotten a few of these so I am just going to answer her questions! (I know I'm lazy) So here we go!

1. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
Hmm....I'd have to say Chick Fil A
2. What is your favorite quote from a movie?

Oh there are so many! My fiance and I are always quoting movies to each other.....I'll go with a classic.  "There's no crying in baseball!" Gold stars if anyone knows what that is from.
3. How many nail polishes do you own?

I have no idea.
4. What is your favorite holiday?

5. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Rude people.
6. What is your all-time FAVORITE nail polish (You can only pick one!)

Nina Ultra Pro in Glam Rock.  I think that's different from a previous answer, but I waver back and forth.
7. Do you have a pet? (Children do NOT count!)

I have 4 pets 
8. What’s your astrological sign?

9. Snow: hate it or love it?

LOVE IT! I am in TX so it's always rare if we get it.
10. What is your favorite color?

11. What is your favorite candy? 

Hmm...Andes mints

The lovely I Bleed Polish tagged me with the One Lovely Blog Award and the Butterfly Award.  I answered those questions in this post here

Thank you ladies so much! 


  1. Interesting read! #2 is from A League of Their Own! I love that movie. I also had Chick-fil-A for the first time and it was so good.

    1. YAY!! Someone else loves that movie! Chick-Fil-A is the best ever!

  2. Nice! Yep, rude people are definitely one of my pet peeves too! :P


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