Tuesday, March 12

Twinsie Tuesday: Nails painted by someone else

Hello Hello! It's that time of the week again! This week's theme was to have our nails painted by someone else. I let my fiance choose the polish and then let him get to work. He did a pretty good job and I only had to do minimal clean up! He chose Zoya Dahlia from the Pixie Dust collection.  This is a really gorgeous black polish with silver shimmer in it. It does dry to the textured finish. I didn't add a top coat to this. It probably could have used one more coat (he painted 2). Enjoy!

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  1. Perfect! I love Dahlia and BF did an awesome job!

  2. He did a great job!!! Love Dahlia

  3. He did an awesome job, especially considering the texture. Love it, Meredith! :D

  4. He did an awesome job with this! Dahlia is gorgeous as well.

  5. He was! It was so cute b/c he was trying to be careful!

  6. Awesome polish! He did a great job!


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