Saturday, July 2

Texas/Patriotic Manicure

I wanted to do something patriotic for the 4th, and also represent my state lol.  I put the TX Flag on my ring and index finger. I painted the rest red, white, and blue!  I used Sally Hansen "White On", Sally Hansen "Red Carpet", and Sinful Colors "Caio Bella". I used painters tape to mark off the lines.  For the stars I used my Art Club Shiny White Stars.  They are cut out in the middle so I used the white polish to fill them in. I think this came out really well and I am loving it! Hope you enjoy!


  1. Wow, Flags look really cool!!! How long did it take you to do all nails??

  2. Thanks! I think the whole mani took me about an 45 min to an hour. I tried to have a plan of attack so it wouldn't take forever lol!

  3. Very pretty manicure . Love the star


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