Sunday, July 24

Weekend Mani

Hello Everyone! I wanted to show you the color I went with for my girls night out! I chose China Glaze "Up All Night".  It's a great dark blue and was so easy to apply!  We had a great time too! I also saw my folks and my brother as well.  Of course mom and I went to Ulta and I just happened to find OPI's "Turquoise Shatter".  I was so excited.  I also found out that they are building an Ulta here in my town!!!! I was even more excited about that!  I got a some other polishes as well, and will show you those soon, as well as the jewelry I put together. (I went earring crazy) When I got back home I couldn't wait to try the turquoise shatter over CG Up All Night.  I really like the way it turned out.  I ma still figuring out how to use the shatter.  It seems that this didn't shatter as much, but I will try it again for sure with other colors.  I am also working on a tutorial on how I put my jewelry together.  Hope you are all having a great weekend!


(It looks black in indoor lighting)

( I know it's not the cleanest mani, but the shatter went over it after 2 days of wear)


  1. sounds like it was a fun night and lots of good shopping!!! I dont like how the shatter doesnt show much of the base polish :( ...

  2. It was a great weekend! I too wish it "shattered" more. Just have to figure out the right amount I hope.

  3. I would be interested in a tutorial on making jewelry-I would love to learn how!


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