Wednesday, July 20

Pink Wednesday

I am jumping on the "Pink Wednesdays" bandwagon (sort of).  I went to my local super market and found a new brand of polish (new to me anyways) called Orchid.  Has anyone ever heard of it??  I bought 2 colors "High Voltage Pink" and "Teal Me A Secret".  I used "High Voltage Pink" for this mani,but I decided it was a little bit too bright for me! I have not used my Sally Hansen "Fractured Foil" Crackle over coat so I layered that over the pink.  I like the pink peeking through, but I think the black crackle might have looked a little better. As far as the teal color, I love it already.  I have been eyeing Essie "Trophy Wife" and to me these look very very similar (in the bottle anyways).  Maybe it's a possible dupe.  I prefer the Orchid price tag ($4.50) over Essie's ($7.95).

Now on to the pictures!
(Pardon the uncleaned edges...had not done the touch up yet!)

Here is my comparison of Essie Trophy Wife and Orchid Teal Me A Story.  These are the best pics I could get.  

Hope you are all having a great week!


  1. I did a post on Essie Trophy Wife if you want to borrow my pics or look to compare! I dont do pink or crackle polish. I'm weird like that!

  2. That silver crackle is lovely . I have one silver crakle from a different brand but is not very nice


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