Wednesday, January 11

Red Caviar

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all off to a great start in the new year! I went to Sally Beauty Supply the other day and saw that the Femme Coture by Savvy polishes were all $1.99! I am not sure if that means they are going away, or getting ready for something new.  I grabbed 2 of them and I have one to show you today.  As the title says, this is Red Caviar.  It's absolutely gorgeous in the bottle. Deep dark red with shimmer.  I was disappointed though.  The shimmer didn't translate onto the nail.  In certain lighting you can kind of see it, but other wise it's just another vampy color.  I do like the color and I am sure I will wear it again, I just wish there was more of the shimmer on the nail.  It was there right after I applied it and then as it gets dry it just goes away. I tried to get some of the shimmer to show in the pics.  The other polish I got is really nice as well and I will have a post about it soon!

 Also, can anyone recommend a really good (and cheap) hand cream?? I just keep looking at my hands and fingers in my pictures and they don't look so pretty!