Friday, January 6

Tart With a Heart!

Hello everyone! Today I have my other new Butter London to show you today.  This is Tart With a Heart ( I just love that name!).  This is from the 2 piece Dressing Table set.  I decided to layer this over Zoya Shay.  I love Zoya Shay as well, 2 coats for a completely opaque nude! Also, I have some bonus pictures for you so make sure you scroll down for all of the pictures! Don't forget to stop by Fierce Makeup and Nails for Day 5 of Blogger Love Week! Enjoy!

Here are a few shots of Zoya Shay by herself!

And here is Tart With a Heart!

And now the bonus pics! I wanted to experiment with the Finger Paints Flakies, so I layered them over Glam Rock. I got 3 of these and I layered all 3. So here they are, Twisted, Motley, and Asylum layered over Glam Rock!I think it's a really neat effect! Subtle, but still shiny! I am currently wearing this on my toes! Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading!